Please Make a Donation

Ticket sales cover less than 50% of performance costs. We hope you consider making a donation to support your Redwood Arts Council.

We have reached out to schools and they are excited about our plans to provide music performance and education on site, in our West county schools in 2023. We believe we need to continue to inspire and serve our audiences and communities of all ages and backgrounds, especially our students. We are committed to transform and build our schools’ new generations of Redwood Arts Council audiences members.

The world class musicians we bring to Sonoma County love to perform in our small venues because of the intimacy they have with the audience. But with ticket prices at $35.00, the ticket sales of a concert do not cover the fees of these artists, their accommodations, or our season production costs. Similar to many presenters of cultural events (music, dance, theatrical), ticket sales pay for approximately half the cost of a season. We rely on your tax deductible donations, small and large, and underwriting to fund our season. Redwood Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Tax ID 680003876).