For Performances Taking Place On:

Next Season

The Occidental Center for the Arts (OCA)

3850 Doris Murphy Ct. Occidental, CA 95465

Getting to the OCA:

The OCA is located adjacent to the intersection of the Bohemian Hwy and Graton Rd. Please note: GPS frequently does NOT work in Occidental, and most of our audience coming from Sebastopol and areas East prefer driving through the town of Graton. They take Graton Rd, through Graton, when traveling to the OCA at night.


Parking spaces immediately adjacent to the Arts Center are for patrons with mobility issues.

For patrons with NO mobility issues, please use the 12 parking spaces along Bohemian Highway and the many parking spaces across the Bohemian Hwy. Look for a staff member who will assist with parking. Also, there is a new parking lot between the tennis courts and the community building (not seen on our map, below).

For your safety, please use your cell phone as a flashlight if parked across Bohemian Hwy.

Please view the detailed Parking Map below.

Occidental Parking Map


For Performances Taking Place On:

May 17, 2024

Sebastopol Community Church

1000 Gravenstein Hwy N. Sebastopol, CA 95472

Parking Info: Easy parking at the Sebastopol Community Church. From the Gravenstein Hwy turn on Danmar Drive (only one way to turn). The Church is on the left. The main lot is on the left, just beyond the church buildings. If the main lot is full, an overflow parking lot is across the street (Danmar Drive).